Biomedical Computing, Inc.

...Is No Longer In Business. This Page Remains for Historical Reasons Only.


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What We Used to Do:

  • Biotechnology Companies:

    • Outsourcing Informatics. High quality, cost-effective implementations of your sequence analysis, database, World Wide Web, and other informatics projects.

    • Advertising. We are leaders in the area of scholarly electronic publishing and can provide you with a platform for reaching a highly targeted audience of young, active research scientists.

  • Academic Scientists and Physicians:

    • Publication. Reviews on the World Wide Web have much greater exposure and impact than conventional, paper reviews. Ask us how you can publish on the Web.

    • Informatics in your Research. Some of us still remember purifying our own restriction endonucleases. It is, of course, no longer cost effective to do that. Similarly, sophisticated informatics may be critical to your research project, but it may not make sense to train someone in your group to perform that analysis. We provide an alternative.

  • David Steffen, Ex-President

  • Last updated, April 27, 2019