Endogenous GPCR List
Agi Schonbrunn, Ph.D.1 and David Steffen, Ph.D.2

This database lists the G protein coupled receptors expressed endogenously in various cell lines. In so far as possible, we have tried to follow the receptor nomenclature recommended by IUPHAR. Please refer to the following web sites for additional information on receptor nomenclature:

Official database of the IUPHAR committee on receptor nomenclature
British Journal of Pharmacology Volume 164 Issue s1 (November 2011) Guide to Receptors and Channels, 5th Edition (by SPH Alexander, A Mathie, and JA Peters).

The Endogenous GPCR List has been available in various forms since 1994 and seems to have enduring utility. We intend to continue to maintain, and when possible, improve this list. Suggestions for future enhancements are welcome. Information to be added to the database (e.g. additional endogenous receptors) is extremely welcome! All suggestions and information should be emailed to Agi Schonbrunn at the email address below.

In the future, we hope to be able to list the data in different formats. In the current version, we have mantained the format of the original list:

We very much appreciate the efforts of everyone who has contributed to this database! If we have missed listing a contributor, please email Agi Schonbrunn at the address below so we can correct the oversight.

We hope you find this modest database to be of value. To cite this page please refer to:

The Endogenous GPCR List
A. Schonbrunn and D.L. Steffen
June 20, 2012.

Please send updates, corrections, and references to:

1) Responsible for content. Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology
University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas

2) Responsible for bioinformatics. President
Biomedical Computing Inc., Houston, Texas

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