Summary of Conclusions

  1. We have demonstrated by implementation the feasibility of structured electronic reviews.

  2. The Mammary Transgene Database has been available to readers since November 1995. Between November 1995, and June 1996, there were 1783 accesses of the database from 394 Addresses. The Breast Cancer Gene Database has only been available since September 30, 1996 and has not yet been advertised, so usage statistics are not yet available. However, it is based on the Tumor Gene Database, which has been available since 1993. Between December, 1994 and October, 1996, the gopher form of the Tumor Gene Database has been accessed over 26,000 times from over 5,000 addresses.

  3. Authors using these databases have entered data from over 1300 references.

  4. Experience to date has demonstrated the fundamental soundness of our paradigm and has also suggested modifications which would make the structure both more flexible for the authors and more searchable by the readers.

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