A Paradigm for Electronic Publication

David L. Steffen, Ph.D. (1,2), Sinai Yarus, Ph.D. (2), Paula E. Burch, Ph.D. (3), and David A. Wheeler, Ph.D., (2,3)

A Poster Presented at the 1996 Meeting of the American Medical Informatics Association

Last Updated: 10/31/96. New: Links to the Actual Databases.

Thank you for visiting the Web Site for our poster! In addition to what was contained in the poster presented at the meeting, this website contains live links to the Mammary Transgene and Breast Cancer Gene Databases. We expect to continue to improve this poster, so please look at it now and then come back later to see the improvement!

There are two ways to tour the poster. The first is to start from a low resolution picture of the whole poster. This picture is a client-side image map, so that by clicking on different parts of the poster, you can view those parts. (This requires that your browser supports client side image maps.) The second way to view the poster is to move through it panel by panel. Whichever you choose...
The subsequent pages of the poster may change address (URL).

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(1) Biomedical Computing, Inc..
(2) Department of Cell Biology and
(3) Information Technology Program, Baylor College of Medicine.