The 624-E1 Photo-Journal

On June 23, 1996, Houston, TX based Troop 806 waved goodbye to its first high adventure crew in four years. Eighteen hours, two pathetic meals, and a short night's sleep later, the six scouts and four advisors that made up crew 624-E1 finally arrived at Philmont National Scout Ranch, a self proclaimed "scouting paradise." After a day of paperwork at basecamp, the crew finally began their ten day backpacking trek. This is our story, in what we beleive to be a completely unique form.

We put up this resource partially to help us remember our experiences over the ten days, but also to help others who may be planning a trip to Philmont, or any other long term excursion. But most importantly, we put it up for fun. We hope you'll enjoy what we've done -- we're awfully proud of it.

To get started, just click on the "Map" button below. Or, if you'd rather, a complete guide to the map's symbols can be found under "Map Key".

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After you've gone to the map and seen our photo-journal, please check out the other resources at this site. And, when you're all done be sure to tell me (the webmaster) what you think at We hope you enjoy it!

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